Well, this is a combination of ‘working mostly nights with no time and combined with having openings after those nights’ and ‘I totally forgot this existed.’

How about I just give some updates and jokes?

I’m working on Curious Case of Digital Sacrifices. It’s plotted out, and I’ve got tiles and other things to start working on it. I’ve only got the first little section done (and the first little section was going to be a short trip, but no, my mind expanded on it) and I need to fix the events in it to get it ready for a demo release.

Just reminded myself that I needed to find a tutorial or an old question that will explain on how to change the in game menu. And one for the title. Also need to redo my title card.

There’s a lot I need to do. I’m plotted, but not planned out. I need to convert things into a script that will allow me to describe the gameplay. Then, work on the maps, the people, the events.

Events kill me.

So does work. ‘We want this done, but HO won’t allow us to schedule cashiers, so expect to waste an hour or two up from on a register as well.’

Let me give some shopping advice instead

I haven’t been able to really work on anything within the last two to two and a half months. My grandfather got diagnosed with cancer, my cousin’s boyfriend committed suicide (I didn’t grieve and neither did Mom, but we’re worried about my cousin. Still am, no matter what. That type of grief can hit for years and years.) and we got ‘kicked’ out of the apartment complex that we were living in for 17 years.

The universe has been kicking hope, happiness and a few of my last good brain cells around and out.

Now, we’re in a new place, still settling, but well enough that I can give myself a couple of days off. Just in time for the Holidays.

Now, if you’ve read some of the personal posts, you’ll know that I work retail, one of the busiest, hectic places to be until January. And if you’re a customer, you’ll know how rough it is trying to get in and out of those places getting presents, groceries, and anything else you might need this holiday season. Now, I’m not an expert, but with the twelve years of cashiering that my Mom managed to throw in my head through stories and first hand at self check outs, along with the three and a half years doing multiple areas in my store, including register, I might be able to make things a little smoother for you guys.

While shopping:

  • General merchandise first. Get your chemical cleaners, beauty products, hammers and dvds out of the way first.
  • Big items should either go underneath the basket or under the cart. That little space is great for bottles, boxes of furniture, rakes and shovels, bags of salt.
  • Dry groceries first. Then cold/refridgerated/heated.
  • If you are getting expensive (laptops, desktops, TVs, body jewelry, or other heavy items that require a separate cart) get them, and ask them take it up front. If you go through a cashier, they’ll be able to go and get the items themselves. Self-check outs take a little longer, especially if there are lines and no people.
  • Either that or make that your last thing. If you have a big cart of groceries, I don’t recommend checking out in electronics.

At checkout:

  • Self-check outs are great if you know what you’re doing. Or if you don’t like talking to people. That’s me on both counts.
  • For quicker time, the PLUs on fresh vegetables and fruits work easier than looking it up. They’re on the little stickers or on shelf tags, depending on your store.
  • If you don’t have a UPC on clothing, many times, there’s another one on the tag itself (At least at Walmart. Meijer’s didn’t for one of their lines.)
  • Going through a cashier
    • Any and all reuseable bags are first. Don’t forget to tell us if they’re yours or if you’re buying them.
    • Cold and refridgerated up front. This makes things hugely helpful. Especially during the summer. Keeping cold stuff together allows the items to feed off the cold off of another, allowing them to stay within a safe temperature on your way home.
    • This can be a combination but, try to keep cans, jars, boxes, and odds and ends together. easier to pack for a cashier.
    • Next can be your general merchandise. Chemicals are good to keep together.
    • If you want the hangers, keep them on. We’ll still ask.
    • If you don’t want them, take them off.

Likely forgetting a few things, but I’m just glad to get that off my mind. Now, maybe, I can get back to Alex and CD. Writing some stories might be a good start.

You are at a New Years party. At midnight, a mysterious stranger kisses you. They whisper in your ear, “Let’s try this again” then disappear. You look at the date; it’s January 1st, 2017.

I don’t even know how it happened. I knew no one at this thing, I only came because of my cousin and her boyfriend. I had a lukewarm beer that I wasn’t drinking, no one to talk with. 2018 was about to begin and it was just going to be a repeat of the same events of last year and the year before. Crap job, no one to talk with, nothing much in my life.

The ball started dropping and I was spun around to face a figure with a half-mask on. My brain connected the idea to Sailor Moon’s boyfriend before it short-fried. No one had dressed up for this. Everyone was in jeans and warm shirts. I stripped off my white work shirt to leave the Henley below it. This person was in a nice suit with a half mask of silver that caught the dim lighting. Zir left hand went to my waist and the other held up mine as ze started swaying with the crowd.

“3! 2!” One was a kiss. My first kiss. It was actually quite pleasant. The other person apparently knew and had adjusted to make sure I was comfortable with this. As much as one could be kissing a complete stranger.

“Let’s try this again,” ze whispered.

I was confused before someone shouted, “Happy 2017!” What?! I turned to see that it was saying 2017 on the TV. The person that had been by me disappeared. My confusion turned into panic. 2017? Oh, god, it had been a horrible year. The deaths, the investigations, the hatred spewing out. The forced change to deli at work. I remembered more horrible news articles and comments than I wanted to think about.


I knew about it. Could I do something about it? My mind was already going through possibilities and plans. There were things I could do now to stop certain events, make others less harmful. Considering the Space-Time continuum, would it be better to let some things pass to provide for a better future?

I had to work tomorrow. No, today. But it was something I was going to go through. Every outcome, every thread, every scenario. I was thinking about rewriting fate for millions of people, if not the entire planet.

There were a series of things. One of them, the fourth or fifth item, was going to be the person that gave me my first kiss and sent me back a year. There has to be something that the person can tell me.

Premade is fine

So, umm, whoops.

I’m fairly sure I wanted to use this for developing, but I’d rather be reading everyone else’s stuff. Or playing games. Or maybe actually practicing my drawing so I can draw relatively okay stuff to put out into the world.

Well, I have nothing major to share, my brain hitting another slump. But, I had some stuff done on my personal tumblr that, well, people might like reading.

The tumblr is called writing prompt-s and they are fantastic.

When you kill someone, their remaining life span is added to yours. Archaeologists have just found a cavern, apparently sealed off for thousands of years, with a single person living inside.

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I have not been writing.

Well, I shouldn’t say that. I have been writing. Dialogue, summaries, item types.

So, I have this idea, a flash of a scene go through my head, and I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I can get it out, use it to work on learning VX Ace and then get back to the fangame.’

Except that it’s still going, and combined with this old idea for a web series that I thought would make a good show. (It would still make a good web show, because there are some stories that work better in show format than playing format.) Now, I’m able to evolve it and change it around, giving it a unique flair to a couple of older stories. I think so, at least.

When humans started figuring out about the power that resided on Earth, and beyond it, they started performing the most horrid rituals to tap into it, control it, bring its power onto the Earth. After a while, other humans started fighting them. A group that would descend into the Modern Day version of the AUEI, Agency of Unnatural Event Investigation.

Kinda interesting, right?

Demon Alley

Putting in a warning. I wrote a car accident scene at the end, so if you’re the type that can’t read it, avoid the last two paragraphs.

There’s a storm just starting to silently cover the ground as the car raced down the empty two lane road. Rain abruptly began as the driver turned on wipers to knock it out of her sight. Jenna Carsons frowned for a minute as the water got heavier and she slowed down with the decrease in friction. Her friends, Marci Makes and Lawrence Currant, were also frowning at the weather. Marci was playing with her phone, checking weather between her levels. Lawrence had taken up most of the back, head thrown back and staring at the ceiling.

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I have not been writing.


I’m actually working on two submissions to a local art contest. Actually painting them because even though I can take pictures (The headers are just cropped versions of some of them) actual works seem to do better.

One’s called Opening Scene, because it reminds me of a opening scene of Castle. The second one I’m still deciding on. Considering some of the events in this country, I’ve got some ideas.